Reminder: Registration deadline for the September 2018 course is April 12th 2018.

needs more pilots

Aircraft maker Boeing (BA) forecasts that 558,000 new commercial airline pilots will be needed over the next 20 years, all around the world. That works out to about 28,000 pilots each year.

Select Aviation, located in the Canadian province of Québec is one of the only Aviation College in the world to offer a complete range of aviation career options. We are centrally located in Drummondville, 15 minutes from busy control airspace, however on a low traffic airport with no waiting for clearances. Spend your training time on actual flight training. We offer a rigorous, well supervised training program that meets the highest standards. Our students gain unparalleled access to training on a wide range of aircrafts in a variety of weather conditions allowing them to gain true industry experience in absolute security. For various aviation career paths ranging airlines qualifications to specialized bush planes and helicopter training, our academy has so much to offer and will make you a pilot in less than one year.


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