Frequently Asked Questions

We are based at the Gatineau Executive Airport in the National Capital Region, and our facilities can accommodate approximately 100 students per year.


Select Aviation College operates a fleet of nearly 30 single and multi-engine aircraft, including Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Cessna 180 (float & conventional), Cessna 185 (amphibious), Piper Twin Comanche, a brand new Piper Seminole PA-44 2020, and Robinson R44 & Bell 206 helicopters. In addition, we also have three state-of-the-art simulators: 1 ALSIM ALX and 2 ALSIM 250, all approved by Transport Canada.

Canadian or resident students in a college program are eligible for three types of funding/scholarships:

  1. Financial assistance from the Quebec government (AFE):
    Financial Aid, offered by the Canadian government, is considered a “living allowance” for the student and entitles the student to get approximately $1000 per month, depending on the applicant’s record.
  2. Financial assistance from the Ontario government (OSAP):
    Only the ACS EWA.1F – Integrated ATPL program is approved for the financial aid application.

Students can always benefit from student loans granted by banking institutions. Please note that most of our students do business with the Caisse Desjardins de Gatineau.

Canadian or resident students in the modular program:

Like any international college student, Canadian students are also eligible for student loans from their local banking institutions.

It is possible to rent a room from individuals, but it is also possible to find a studio or an apartment near the school at all prices. Generally, you should expect to pay between $1000 and $1500 per month in rent. We can provide you with a list of placement companies that will help you explore the most optimal accommodation according to your budget and expectations.

Modular training design:
The schedule is flexible according to the student’s availability.


College training:
Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. On average, there are 25 hours of face-to-face classes each week.

We offer courses in both languages, but we strongly recommend taking the courses in English, the international aviation official language.

Select Aviation College is based at the Gatineau/Ottawa Executive Airport (CYND). The airport is equipped with a Flight Service Station (FSS). The FSS hours of operation are from 6:30 am to 9:15 pm EST every weekday. The airport becomes an Aerodrome Traffic Frequency (ATF) zone after these hours. It is also equipped with all types of instrument approaches, which will allow you to have complete training during your IR-ME program.

International students:
If you choose to work in Canada after your training, your training fees can be reimbursed to you in the form of tax credits.


Canadian students or residents:
Training costs are tax-deductible, and several factors determine the amount reimbursed, which include financial situation, current job, etc. The corresponding documents will be mailed to you in February of each year.

Our success rate is above the national standard set by Transport Canada due to the numerous preparatory assessments performed with all students.


Application fees can be paid by credit card online when you apply for admission.


In-person at the school:

  1. Cash
  2. With a credit or debit card
    (Interac, Visa, Mastercard)

  3. Certified cheque or money order from a Canadian institution only, in which case:

    Payment should be made payable to Select Aviation College and sent to:
    Select Aviation College 1717
    Arthur-Fecteau Street, Gatineau, QC, Canada, J8R 2Z9

    You must notify the payment transaction by attaching a letter containing the
    following information:
    • First and last name at birth of the beneficiary in our account (Student)
    • MEES permanent code (if applicable)

    Important note regarding mailing: If this letter is not included, your
    payment will not be attached to your application.

  4. Bank transfer:
    Here is the information you must provide to your banking institution to make a payment transfer:

    Address of the beneficiary’s bank1 Comp. Desjardins, C.P. 7, SUCC. DESJARDINS, MONTREAL, QUEBEC, H5B1B2
    Institution number815
    Transit or branch office90104
    Beneficiary’s account number0815 90104 0806273
    Full name of the beneficiaryRichcopter Inc. / Select Aviation College
    Complete address of the beneficiary4789 Boul. Allard, Bureau 10, Drummondville, QUEBEC, J2A2R8, Canada
    Reference or notePlease indicate the student’s full name

    You must notify the payment transaction by sending an email to the following email ID: payables@selectaviation.com. This email must contain the following information:

    1. First & last name at birth of the beneficiary in our account (Student)
    2. MEES permanent code (if applicable)
    3. First and last name at birth of the Sender’s account holder
    4. Date of bank transfer
    5. Name of your banking institution

    Important note regarding bank transfer: If this email is not received, your payment will not be attached to your application. Moreover, please note that the transfer may take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.

Applicants with a high-school diploma from a Canadian province other than Quebec must have obtained the following:


  • Alberta: Grade 11 (67-100 credits)
  • British Columbia: Grade 11
  • Manitoba: Grade 11 (minimum 13 credits)
  • New Brunswick: Grade 11 (minimum 12 or 13 credits, depending on the plan)
  • Newfoundland & Labrador: Grade 11 (minimum 24 credits)
  • Nova Scotia: Grade 11 (minimum 12 credits)
  • Ontario: Secondary School Diploma Grade 11 (minimum 22 credits)
    NB: as of 2002: Grade 11 completed, with at least 22 credits; before 2002: Grade 12 completed with
    OSSD or OSD.
  • Prince Edward Island: Grade 11 (minimum 12 credits)
  • Saskatchewan: Grade 11 (minimum 16 credits)

Unfortunately, we do not accept the application, documents, and explanatory letters by email or fax. If you have submitted your application online through the OMNIVOX portal, you must scan all your documents and attach them to your online application through the OMNIVOX portal.

All the required steps to apply for admission are available in the Online Admission section of the College website.

No. As of Winter Term 2013, the Ministry of Education has updated its policy on Quebec residency regarding required identification documents for Quebec-born students. The policy terms are given as follows:


  • No longer accepted: all birth and baptismal certificates issued by a parish, city, or hospital (even if issued before 1994).
  • Accepted are: birth certificates issued by the Directeur de l’état civil du Québec, issued after January 1, 1994.

Or a Canadian passport that clearly indicates the place of birth in Quebec or other birth registrations (e.g., the plastic blue card) issued by the Quebec government before 1994.

All applicants who wish to apply online can submit the required documents electronically using their reference code and email.

You will be able to delete an already-uploaded document and replace it with an updated version.
Yes, you will need to re-submit all the necessary documents for your application and pay the appropriate fees.
Information about admission decisions is dispatched in the form of a decision letter through an email.
No, letters of reference are not considered for an application. Hence, they do not influence the admission process.
Once you have applied online, you will receive an email confirmation containing a unique identification number. You will need this ID to track the progress of your application. You can also use it to contact our office for ease of reference.

It may take a few minutes to send your confirmation via email. However, you may also please check your junk mailbox to search for the email. If you think you misspelled the email or have any other problems, please get in touch with support@selectaviation.com

For more information, contact us now!