Fleet & Simulators

Over 30 training aircraft, 100% owned by Select Aviation!

A wide range of aircraft

Select Aviation College operates a fleet of nearly 30 single and multi-engine aircraft consisting of Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Cessna 180 (amphibious), Cessna 185 (amphibious), 2 Piper Seminole Glass Cockpit (2020 & 2022), a new Piper Seminole 2020, and Robinson R44 and Bell 206 helicopters. Moreover, we also have 3 state-of-the-art simulators: 1 ALSIM ALX and 2 ALSIM AL-250, all approved by Transport Canada.

Virtual tours

Our fleet

ALSIM AL-250 Simulator

Modules: C-172, PA-44

ALSIM ALX Simulator

Modules: C-172, PA44, Generic Turbo Prop - King Air 200

Cessna 150

Range: 420nm

Cessna 172

Range: 730nm

Cessna 180

Range: 890nm

Cessna 185

Range: 720nm

Piper pa-44

Range: 1053nm

Robinson r44

Range: 300nm

Bell 206

Range: 374nm