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Academic support, housing and student life in Quebec during your studies

Using your Student Account

When we send your Conditional Admission Letter, the registrar also creates your Student Account, which allows you to manage all financial aspects of your studies at Select Aviation College. You will be able to wire funds to the account, and use it to pay all the fees required over the course of your studies. When it is time to pay your tuition fees, purchase additional flight hours, switch to a different type of aircraft, pay for your housing or do business with a partner of Select Aviation College, your Student Account will enable you to make these transactions quickly and easily. Using the Student Account, you will be able to know your balance, plan deposits into your account, and take care of your financial responsibilities, at any time.

The Student Account is not a bank account. You will not be able to withdraw money from it; the account is reserved for your transactions with Select Aviation College and its accredited partners. When your relationship to the College ends, if your Student Account has a positive balance, it will be returned to its point of origin, for example a bank account in your home country or a credit card. Please note that you are responsible for all fees incurred to fund your Student Account (bank fees, wire transfer fees, currency exchange commissions, etc.). Select Aviation College will not charge you management fees for having or using your Student Account. However, the College is not responsible for any fees related to the institutions you do business with.

As soon as you have deposited funds into your Student Account, a receipt will be sent to you along with an Unconditional Admission Letter. These documents are important since they will be used to prove to Quebec authorities that you are in possession of the funds required to carry out your studies, and have been admitted to the College. These two criteria’s are vital since they help determine whether you are authorized to come study at the College.

If wire transfers between your country and Canada entail significant delays, be sure to use your Student Account and keep it sufficiently funded. Guidelines on this topic are provided in the section on the cost of studies.

The following section discusses your life as a student and how the College will support you in meeting your goals.

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