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Commercial Air Transport PIlot -Integrated ATPL


24 months program

The Integrated ATPL thoroughly covers the contents of our modular PPL, CPL, multi-engine and instrument flight rating. This program is given in accordance with Transport Canada integrated program regulations and allow candidates who have completed this training program to write the official ATPL exams: SARON and SAMRA. Today’s airlines highly recognize graduates from Integrated ATPL programs and are in many cases requiring applicants to have completed an integrated ATPL course.

Our Integrated ATPL program includes extensive Multi Crew Cooperation training that is sure to prepare our students for true industry operations.

The program is divided into 3 sessions spread over a period of 24 months. The duration of each session varies.


• The first session (equivalent PPL (license isn’t included)): 51.5 hours of flight and 13 hours of simulator.


• The second session (ME/IFR + CPL flight test): 131 hours of flight and 39 hours of simulator.


• Third session (integrated ATPL ground school + MCC): 18 hours of flight simulator and 7.5 hours of flight.
And more than 750h of theory distributed through the various sessions.

After obtaining the Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATPL, we offer you the chance* to accumulate additional flying hours as an instructor here at Select Aviation.

It takes 1500 hours of flight before receiving the ATPL license.

* Select Aviation reserves the right to hire our instructors based on our own criteria and needs. The instructor rating is not included in the Collegial program.

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