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Our base is strategically located in the Outaouais region, at the Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport. This perfect location can meet all your aerial projects and charter needs, including passenger transport, sling loads, aerial photography, aircraft rental for festivals, hotels, regional parks, aerial advertising, or VIP travel, both in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

Our Helitour division is mainly designed for individuals who wish to fly aboard a helicopter from Gatineau. A departure from Gatineau Airport will allow you, among other things, to fly over the national capital, Ottawa. Please think of us for all your special occasions such as weddings, family or couple tours, proms, bachelor/daughter parties, birthdays, or any corporate events.

Our Packages

2 - 3 people 60 min. of flight

/ per hour

2 - 3 people 30 min. of flight


2 - 3 people 15 min. of flight


3 people 30 min. flight



Passenger 100 min. flight


Passenger 40 min. of flight


Passenger 60 min. of flight


Robinson R44 Raven I

Bell 206B JetRanger

Cessna 180 sur flotte

Piper Seminole PA44

Dynamic, passionate, and experienced

Our professional pilots are trained to operate in urban, industrial, maritime, or mountainous environments and under various climate conditions. Our business model, proximity to major centers, and the choice of aircraft allow us to offer the most competitive & affordable rates in the country in complete safety.


Our Robinson R44 I & Bell 206B Jet Ranger helicopters are serviced through our own maintenance organization, ensuring quality, professional, and safe service.

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