Yes, your study permit will be extended. Immigration and Citizenship Canada will prolong study permits for students who are affected by the COVID-19 situation. Contact Daniel Giraldo for any questions related to study permit extensions.

No, Immigration and Citizenship Canada will not take into consideration any delays related to the COVID-19 situation.

Yes, the college’s online ground school is Ministry of Education approved and will be fully credited toward your AEC program.

Our next intake was scheduled for June, however due to the COVID-19 situation, it will be postponed slightly. We are monitoring the situation and will update the exact new date soon.

Select Aviation College’s instructors are available to help with all of your study related questions. Your instructor will remain available for one hour after each ground school session to help you better understand any questions you may have about your studies.

We are well aware of this situation and working with Transport Canada to book exam facilities for our students. We will ensure that written exam delays are kept to a minimum thanks to specific arrangements for our students. You can reach out to Jacob with any questions or concerns regarding these exams. Continue to be ready for exams as we are working hard to obtain priority bookings for our students.

Select Aviation College reacted fast to the pandemic situation. As per Quebec Government recommendations, we closed the school’s facilities and adopted an online version of our ground school permitting the students to keep moving forward in their training. In addition, we are looking forward to reopening the school soon and have implemented measures to prevent the spread of the virus including sanitization of the planes and a limitation on the amount of students flying at the same time.

If the online ground school is followed thoroughly, no major delay is expected. Transport Canada will open new examination centres and the college will take all required measures to ensure the flying portion of the training follows the advancement of the ground. This is why it is important for students to be serious and do the assigned homework!

If a major delay happens, the college will extend accommodation contracts to allow students to finish their training. However, rigour is expected on the students’ side. Once again, if the ground school is followed seriously, no major delay should occur.

Canada’s health system is world class and the provincial and federal government have taken the required preventative measures. This being said, in line with many top-level recommendations, we also do not recommend anyone to travel until the end of the crisis. Further information can be provided by Daniel Giraldo.

We are working hard on getting special authorization under certain conditions. An update will follow soon.

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