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Enrollment Procedure

To come study at Select Aviation College, you must complete two procedures:

1) Getting admitted to the College;
2) Obtaining a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (Quebec acceptance certificate), a Permis d’études (study permit), and, depending on the case, a visa for entry into Canada.

In addition to these two important procedures, it is also necessary to take into account the medical exams required to hold an aircraft pilot license, as well as your housing and your integration into Quebec society. The following pages will guide you through these processes and help you get started. You will also find complete information on the financial implications of studying at Select Aviation College and on your Student Account, a helpful tool that facilitates planning and access to all the services needed to obtain your Attestation of Collegial Studies and your aircraft pilot license. Note all amounts in this document are expressed in Canadian dollars (CAD). Before addressing these issues, however, it is worth taking the time to thoroughly understand the journey which we will be embarking together.


Completing the Admission Form

The first step towards studying at Select Aviation College is to fill in the Admission Form. Take the time to complete it properly, as it will help us get to know you and lay the groundwork for all the following steps.

If you are currently completing high school, you can still begin the enrolment process. However, you must have successfully completed your high school studies before you can begin the program at Select Aviation College. Given that a great number of airline companies consider this academic level a minimum to hire a pilot (in addition to your commercial pilot license, of course), we strongly recommend that you focus on this as the primary goal.

If you do not have a high school diploma and do not intend to complete high school, you may still enroll to study at Select Aviation College. However, we must make sure that your education is deemed sufficient to undergo any of our training programs. To do so, we ask that you write us a letter of motivation describing your academic and professional background. In the letter, tell us about what you have done up to date, and elaborate on why you want to come study at Select Aviation College. Take the time to properly structure your thinking and to explain what motivates you. Help us understand your interest in the world of aviation and becoming a professional pilot.

After we have received and favourably reviewed your Application Form, you will receive an invitation to an interview with us, so that we can assess your English language proficiency. If your proficiency is deemed adequate, you will receive a Conditional Admission Letter from the registrar. This letter will confirm that your student file and Student Account have been created. Once you have met all admission requirements, this letter will be replaced with an Unconditional Admission Letter. Be sure to preserve these valuable documents, since they will be vital in obtaining the various authorizations you will need to come to the College.


  • Candidates must have a minimum ICAO level 4 English profiency level;
  • Be 17 years of age and older;
  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent;
  • Demonstrate medical fitness through a Category 1 Medical Certificate, issued by an accredited Transport Canada doctor;
  • Maximum size of 1.85 m and 85 kgs for a Cessna 150.


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