Commercial Pilot License

Commercial Pilot License

You’ve been thinking, talking and dreaming about this since you were a kid… You know that a career in aviation is right for you… With Select Aviation’s intensive Commercial Pilot License, you can start sending resumes in as little as 8 weeks!

With your dedicated flight instructor’s full attention, your commercial pilot training will be completed on an extremely intensive basis, preparing you for real life air operations require sharpening your decisional and organization skills. You will need to demonstrate good judgment in difficult situations, with a commercial pilot license in hand, and you will have ultimate responsibilities on your hands… Which our training program will enable you to fully deal with.

Not only will we give you a key to the office with the most beautiful view, but choosing Select Aviation will get you there by saving you a significant amount of time and money while ensuring the highest quality flight training in the industry.

*Select Aviation gives first priority to students who have completed initial training with our organization, most students commercial license graduates are encouraged to complete their instructor training as we currently have a high demand for new, dynamic instructors in our flight school.

Our Commercial Program

Select Aviation’s highly recognized Commercial Pilot Program will fully prepare you for your career in aviation at an accelerated pace! The basic commercial license consists of 200 (minimum) total flight-training hours (includes PPL, of this amount, a minimum of 35 hours dual after obtaining your PPL). 5 hours of cross-country and 20 hours of instrument must also be obtained. 30 hours solo (after PPL) is required and can be partitioned into 25 daytime solo hours (including 300 NM cross-country) and 5 nighttime solo hours. Not including the departure airport, a minimum of 3 airports must be reached for the 300 NM and the distance must be straight line. 100 hours must be as Pilot-in-Command (includes PPL). 80 hours of ground school is required, covering topics such as Air Law, Navigation, Meteorology, and Aeronautical general knowledge’s. A mandatory flight test completed by a Transport Canada approved Inspector or Pilot Examiner is also part of the Program.
Select Aviation strongly suggests an additional 10 hours of IFR training to all CPL candidates, this enhanced IFR training will increase your skills to the level the industry will expect from you and is a full credit towards your IFR rating if you chose to complete it at on point.

Prerequisites PPL, 18 years old, Category I medical
Requirements Candidate Must be capable and ready to invest his / her full time, Program consists of over 60 hours / week of ground instruction, supervised study and self study
Duration 6 Weeks from start to finish, post PPL for completion of Basic Commercial License including written exam and flight test
Solo time Includes night solo supervision 105hrs
Dual Flight Instruction Post PPL Including Night Rating 35hrs
Pre flight Instruction 10hrs
In flight Instrument Time 10hrs
Simulated instrument Time
Our choice of Red Bird MCX or AL200 MCC Simulator with IFR Instructor, Single engine configuration 10hrs
Supervised Study Select Aviation Uses 15 different practice exams available in either French or English to identify our student’s strengths and weaknesses, each exam is given in an environment that will resemble the official commercial exam at Transport Canada. The first 5 exams can be completed with “open books” and the exam supervisor can assist you with explanations as you complete them, this will be a great help in fully mastering the 4 categories of Transport Canada’s exams. 120hrs
Ground Training Basic online with Supervised Study

*Optional One on One:
Ground Training is conducted on a one one basis, With our personalized training methods, our instructors can tailor your ground training to your needs, laser focusing each training session on your weaknesses to prepare you to today’s demanding industry.

Aircraft used CESSNA 150 172 or a combination with PA34 Or Twin Piper Comanche for Multi / IFR, Cessna 180-185 for Bush Programs
Exam, Flight Test 3 hours with Examiner
License Processing Fee In House Licensing service
Required Materials Most of our training material is adapted to iPads, a late version & preferably large format iPad is mandatory.
Accommodation Comfortable private and Semi-Private rooms are available in our student homes located within 5 minutes of our training center, as of $400 / month
Total Hours 400hrs + Self study

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