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Commercial Air Transport PIlot – CPL Helicopter


15-18 months program

Select Aviation College is introducing a Commercial Pilot Licence Helicopter program which is recognized by the ministry of education. This flight training is defined by Transport Canada under the principles of “competence, ease and security.” The flights are structured so that students master hover flight. The first solo will be authorized when all emergencies have been shown and successfully performed by the student, after around 25/30 hours. Then we will practice advanced landings and takeoffs, navigation, diversions, steep turns, land in confined areas and slopes to finish off with instrument flight instruction.

The program is divided into 3 sessions spread over a period of 15 to 18 months. The duration of each session varies.


• The first session (PPHEL written exam + PPL flight test): 50 hours of flight.


• The second session (CPLHEL written exam + CPL flight test): 50 hours of flight.


• Third session (Survival Experience + Night Rating + Operations internship): 35 hours of flight including 25 hours for free .
And more than 680 hours of theory distributed through the various sessions.
Every hours in this program are made on Robinson R44 helicopters.

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