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EWA.16 Commercial Air Transport PIlot – AIRPLANE 

18 TO 24 months program

This 1005-hour program, including 200 hours of flight time, 75 hours of flight simulator and more than 730 hours of ground school and exam preparation is designed for students who are aiming for a career as a commercial pilot and want to get there faster than with integrated ATPL training.

This ME/IFR commercial pilot program was the first college program approved by the Quebec Ministry of Education. Today, a growing number of airlines, such as Air Canada, require applicants to have been trained in a college environment.

Graduates of this program earn an Attestation of Collegial Studies (ACS) certificate. In addition, this program leads to Transport Canada PPL, CPL, night, twin-engine, instrument rating, and crew specialization (MCC) licences to better meet industry demands.

International students who wish to work in Canada will be able to take advantage of the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) for up to three years.

Select Aviation College continues to give priority to hiring candidates from our graduate student base for many on-campus employment opportunities, ranging from flight dispatching to flight instructor positions.

Contact us for more information.

* Select Aviation reserves the right to hire our instructors based on our own criteria and needs. The instructor rating is not included in the Collegial program.

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