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EWA.16 Commercial Air Transport PIlot – AIRPLANE 

18 TO 24 months program

Select Aviation College is introducing a Commercial Pilot ME/IFR program which is recognized by the ministry of education.

Select Aviation College is now one of the very few flight schools in Canada to offer an aviation ACS (Attestation of college studies). This program is tailored to students who are aiming for an airline career and would like to make it to a cockpit using the most time and cost efficient route. Today, a growing number of airlines around the world require applicants to have been trained in an aviation college environment. Graduating from this program credits our students with an Attestation of College Studies certificate as well as a Commercial Pilot License with the Multi Engine, Group 1 Instrument rating and the Multi-Crew Co-operation specialization. (MCC) in order to prepare our students for an airline environment.

200 hours of flight, 65 hours of flight simulator, 730 hours of ground school and exams preparation.

Select Aviation College always prioritizes hiring candidates from within our graduate students base for many on campus employment opportunities ranging from flight dispatching to instructor positions.

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* Select Aviation reserves the right to hire our instructors based on our own criteria and needs. The instructor rating is not included in the Collegial program.


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