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A career driven by ambition and devotion

You’ve been thinking, talking and dreaming about this since you were a kid… You know that a career in aviation is right for you… With Select Aviation’s College, you can start sending resumes in less than two years. With our rigorous and professional programs,  you will be prepare for real life flight operations.

Why not Right now

The world needs more pilots. The first step in realizing your dream, starts with you seeking admission at Select Aviation. To be admitted, you must meet the admission requirements, pass our English evaluation interview and answer the prospect questionnaire. These are conducted online at Once you have been accepted as a student, Select Aviation College will be committed to supporting you in the process of obtaining any and all required immigration documents (referred to below collectively as «Visa») allowing you to come to Canada for a 24-month college program.

Select Aviation, your new family

Once you arrive, you will notice our personalized attention as soon as you walk out of Montreal International Airport where you will be greeted by one of our flight instructors. If the weather permits, you will enjoy an introductory scenic flight in one of our trainer aircraft from Montreal to our facilities in Drummondville (35 minutes flight). In the next days of your arrival, our team will greet you with a welcome dinner at your new home…

Preparing our students for their aviation careers

Rigorous, structured training towards milestones that are individually set on a biweekly basis. Creating a mindset that reflects the industry’s requirements. Aviation is not only about skills; developing the right attitude while working with peers as well as crew resource management are also key to success for any pilot. Select Aviation’s mission is to train industry ready pilots, students are expected, encouraged and reminded throughout their training that punctuality is of utmost importance … with us and with any employer in aviation.

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