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EWA.17 Commercial Air Transport PIlot – AIRPLANE/HELICOPTER IFR

24 months program

Select Aviation College is introducing a unique program which is recognized by the ministry of education.

Select Aviation College is now one of the very few flight schools in Canada to offer an aviation ACS (Attestation of college studies).  This program leads to two commercial licenses with IR (A+H). Better career opportunities and alternative solutions for your future: Having the option at some point in your career to fly for an airline may become reality, nobody knows what the future has in hand however it is certain that the aviation world is constantly changing. With HELICOPTER EXPERIENCE always strongly recognized in the airline industry, it is a possibility that your helicopter career may take a shift one day, why not have an option for an opportunity?

280 flight hours including 200 hours on aircraft and 80 hours on helicopter, 30 hours of flight simulator, 695 hours of ground school and exams preparation. *20 hours of operational internship are available to all students admitted to the program*

Select Aviation College always prioritizes hiring candidates from within our graduate students base for many on campus employment opportunities ranging from flight dispatching to instructor positions.

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