Academic support, housing and student life in Quebec during your studies

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Academic support, housing and student life in Quebec during your studies:

To help welcome, integrate and support international students, Select Aviation College has established measures pertaining to student follow-up, assistance and motivation. Beyond the personal learning ability of each student, we know that the educational environment plays a key role in supporting the efforts of every student.

The training program you decide to enrol in will be organized for a group of students, to which you will belong. Courses follow the academic calendar, which may be modified depending on the weather. The use of technology facilitates these changes and helps everyone adjust to our evolving conditions. Being a pilot demands this availability and adaptability.

Our Directorate of Studies regularly brings our instructors together to review the groups’ academic performance and smooth functioning. This follow-up enables us to detect the students who require further advising and support to help guide their efforts. Beyond expertise, being a pilot demands the personal qualities exemplified by the very best in the business!

Outside the College, emulation and group spirit serve as an extension of your studies. Students share housing that is reserved upon their enrollment, and have access to one automobile per two or three students. This system gives each student a healthy degree of autonomy, while also fostering group integration and individual involvement in the group’s dynamic and functioning. In turn, these abilities help develop teamwork skills and responsibility, qualities that are highly prized and sought-after in the aviation occupations.

The home region of Select Aviation, i.e., the Drummondville area, is a key part of southern Quebec. It provides the advantages of a medium-sized city of Quebec, a rich natural environment, and proximity to the cities of Montreal and Quebec. Visit our website and the Tourisme Québec website for more specific information on the attractions of our campus, and on Quebec at large.

Several services are available in students’ living environment thanks to the participation of local partners of the College. Some of these services are subject to signed contractual agreements under the laws of Quebec. One such service is housing, which requires signing a lease in keeping with the recommendations of the Régie du Logement du Québec upon your arrival to the College.

Your housing must be reserved using the Housing Reservation Form. You will need to complete the form to benefit from this service and reserve your housing space. Refer to the “cost of studies” section for details on housing costs. Please note that these costs can be paid directly from your Student Account.

You may also choose not to sign up for our housing services, and to find and handle your own accommodations and transportation in the region. In this case, you must still follow the training schedule, attend classes, and meet your tuition-related financial obligations. Please note that the Student Account can only be used with accredited partners.

Before you can come study, it is paramount to be admitted and to begin the process of obtaining your student visa.

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